Complete Solar Hot Water System Kits

These kits are intended for boat owners NOT having a solar installation on their boat. They provide the necessary components  for a complete solar power installation on a boat, including the provision of constant hot water. The key difference is that boats with inboard engines we assume will use marine boilers connected to the engine heat exchanger

We offer two standard kit solutions for each engine type:

Outboard Engines

  1. 220v 600w  - this will be enough for most boats up to about 12 metres and is enough for powering basic electrics and the hot water system.

  2. 220v 1200w - larger boats or those with numerous electrical appliances may need this.


Inboard Engines

  1. 12v 400w.  This is suitable for boats planning a solar installation of around 400w plus a domestic battery pack of at least 250Ah capacity.

  2. 12v 800w. This is intended for boats already planning a substantial >600w solar installation and a 600Ah domestic battery system.

Please Contact Us before ordering and tell us what you want to power so that you order exactly what is right for you;