Solar Hot Water Heaters

Please do not place an order before talking to us. In making decisions about a solar hot water system for a boat, the boiler is a critical element.  Inland waterway boats generally do not have the same kind of boiler as sailing boats and connecting your boiler to our system is not always straight forward. On current evidence we much prefer the marine boilers. They are inexpensive and verstile.


Inboard Engines

We offer three types of boiler for boats with inboard engines - all made in Italy. The ATI range is less expensive and made of marine grade enamelled steel. The Quick and the Isotherm ranges are of stainless.

The minimum useful capacity of a hot water tank on a boat is 20 litres, but more than 25 is much preferable. There is however an inevitable trade-off between tank capacity and heating time. If you are using one of our 12v systems, we do not advise installing more than 30l litres.

If you are using an inverter based system, you will need at least 600w of solar power plus at least 400Ah of battery capacity.

Outboard Engines

Because outboard engines do not have engine heat exchanger systems, it is necessary to use either a gas geyser that can be cheaper, but gas boilers should not be installed in confined spaces like bathrooms, and gas is inherently dangerous on board. If there is a leak, the vapour sinks and is trapped in the bilges waiting to explode. Our solar panel based solution piggy-backs on the rest of your solar sysetm/