Simple Controllers

Between your solar panel(s) and your batteries you need a controller that manages the power output from your panels to your batteries. The older and cheaper technology (PWM) is sufficient for this need and has a dual USB output to charge phones, tablets, and the like. The MPPT type, although more expensive offers much reduced power loss at small extra cost.

NEW!  Hybrid Solar Controllers

These new devices are at the root of the revolution now sweeping through the off grid solar system market. They are of two different types.

Micro controllers take the power directly from your solar panels and make it available to your main 220v system. They reduce your purchases from the grid by the value of your solar output. They cannot charge your batteries!


Hybrid controllers are dual purpose products. They control the energy from the panels to charge the batteries, but are also inverters that convert 12 or 24v DC power to 110/220v AC AND also determine how best to provide the power for your appliances automatically using grid power if that is needed. They are essential if battery storage is part of your system. The best even start a generator if needed (and present).