A Complete Off Grid Solar Solution

This collection is for boat owners NOT yet having a solar installation at all.  

These systems comprise

  • solar panels

  • a controller OR inverter controller

  • batteries

  • cabling and connectors

The essential first step BEFORE placing an order is to get a good idea of your onboard energy consumption. Please Contact Us,  tell us a little more abut your needs, and we will send you our FREE Energy Consumption Calculator to help you decide what you need.


An important further question is whether to opt for rigid or flexible panels. Rigid is cheaper and more efficient for a given surface area. If you have flat panel installation space, opt for rigid.

Heating and cooking should not rely on electricity on a boat. Consumption is too high. For heating we recommend a small wood burning stove, or gas. For cooking, gas is usually the right solution.


Similarly, we recommend that your solar hot water system is separate from the domestic solar installation. The solutions below are all directly compatible with our solar water heating systems.

If you do not find the exact kit that you need, Contact Us and we will prepare a detailed quote for you.

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